Yes, our FUNWATER provides a limited 1 year FABRIC/1 years THE SEAMS/1 year ACCESSORIES warranty. Damage due to misuse or negligence is not covered. Warranty period starts from the date of purchase. You can read more about our warranty here:https://www.funwater.co.uk/pages/warranty

How much air should I pump into my Inflatable Board?How much pressure (PSI) should be pumped for inflatable boards at different weather or temperatures?

The recommended pressure for our inflatable boards is between 12 and 15 PSI.If the temperature outside is above 25 degrees Celsius, we recommend inflating the board only up to 13 psi, since the pressure will increase naturally, due to the heat.

When detaching the pump from the Inflatable board, the air starts to release from the valve. How do I stop this from happening?

There is a little spring pin inside that locks itself in two positions:

Deflating position (air coming out freely) and inflating position (100% Airtight). To switch from deflating to inflating, simply push the pin and the pin will lock itself in a up position and the air will not be able to come out unless you push the pin down again.

How do I take care of my SUP?

Taking care of your SUP is pretty easy, with little regular maintenance required. But to keep your board in tip-top shape for as long as possible, here’s some simple things to be aware of:


  • Don’t expose your board to sunlight for too long, as this can cause permanent damage. Store indoors, in the shade, or in a reflective bag when not in use.
  • After paddling in the ocean, rinse your board and all accessories with fresh water. Failing to rinse-off salt and other debris can weaken seams and damage your board’s material over time.
  • Regularly check for cracks, scrapes, or any other issues. The faster you identify a problem, the quicker it can be fixed to avoid too much long-term damage.
  • How do I store my FUNWATER board?

    Proper SUP storage is crucial for increasing your board’s longevity. Here’s some top tips

    Make sure your board is fully dry before deflating, folding, and storing away. Storing your board when wet or damp can cause permanent damage over time. Not to mention the mould that could develop if you go a long period of time not using your board!

    • Always store your SUP in appropriate temperatures. Whilst our boards are designed to be super durable, extreme hot or cold conditions won’t be ideal in the long-run. We recommend storing your board anywhere between 5 – 40°C (40 – 105°F).
    • Always remove your centre fin. If you deflate your board and try rolling it up with fins still in, this could cause permanent damage
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    Can I keep my SUP permanently inflated?

     Many people assume SUPs have to be stored deflated, but that’s simply not the case. In fact, if you regularly use your board, we recommend keeping it inflated for ease and to save time!

    • As long as you keep your board away from direct sunlight, you can keep it inflated for as long as you wish. Just be sure to avoid stacking heavy objects on top of it, as this could cause damage.
    • Yes! The paddle floats for a good amount of time for you to find it when you lose it but will eventually fill up with water and sink after a few minutes. The foam piece inside the paddle makes it float, and therefore it only floats when the whole paddle is connected.

       Generally, the pressure gauge will start to register a pressure reading after the board reaches 7 PSI’s which is about 100-120 pumps. Make sure the pressure gauge isn’t loose and that the dial on your pump is not stuck in between settings.